Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Year, New Blog

Not actually my heath
Happy New Year, everyone and welcome to the new blog. I know it's the 8th of January already but someone wished me a happy new year this morning, so I reckon the year is still young enough to celebrate all that's fresh and new. According to our vicar this morning, we've all had plenty of time to break our new year's resolutions and now's the perfect time to make some more. Well, he's right, but it did remind me that I need to crack on with my original resolution, which is....

to write every day week.

I joined a writer's group a while back. Goodness only knows how I got admitted into that select circle but I love going and reading the contributions from the others. Only thing is, I have so far failed to contribute anything of worth myself. Pretty soon I am going to get rumbled and they'll all figure out that I'm there for the company, the coffee and the open fires. To be fair, I have a very impressive back catalogue of novels, children's books and information books. Impressive if you like opening chapters and aren't at all bothered by what ought to come next. I've worked it out though: in addition to being scared of fish (What? They're creepy!) and braided beards, I'm scared of committing myself to a piece of writing. Pretty much the only therapy for that is to keep writing and somehow a blog seems less threatening; less permanent, I guess.

You're wondering what I could possibly find to write in a blog, right? Back in the summer of 2011 I blogged about our trip to America. (Check out the makeover, blog devotees!) This blog is going to be more...every day. I'm planning to fill it with the ordinary little things that make up my daily life: pretty much the same old ramble I post on my facebook status. Marvel at the cakes I bake, thrill to the details of my sewing projects, be amazed at... hmm... I'm running out of ideas. If this blog were a film, it would be called, 'A Life More Ordinary'. Stick with me and I'll do my best to at least be diverting and maybe those clever writer friends of mine will let me stay. (I'll keep you posted on that too.)

Actually my heath (well, not mine exactly...)


  1. I've rumbled you. You are part of the writers group for the company, the coffee and the open fires, and because you are a bloomin' good writer! Looking forward to reading tomorrow's blog x

  2. Agree with Prom Queen! :))


  3. Love your blogs! Looking forward to the " ordinary"
    Xenia xoxox