Tuesday, 21 February 2012

We-e-e-e-ell...it makes me wanna shout!

I had cause today to ruminate upon the matter of what Lulu likes to eat. I know, even by my standards that's a little bit 'out there', but stay with me. One of the ways I waste time keep up with the zeitgeist is by reading some of the posts on Mumsnet. The site was originally conceived as a way for parents to exchange advice on a wide variety of parenting topics. It still provides that, but with a lot more besides. I mostly lurk there to read and chuckle at other people's comedic misfortunes, but I also like to pick up recipes there, or gain advice on the odd thorny parenting issue or awkward social situation. Like any community, actual or virtual, mumsnet has developed it's own in-jokes. These usually develop from particular threads which seem to catch the mood of the moment. One of these was a post about finding other people's shopping lists abandoned in trolleys or supermarket aisles. One mumsnetter urged others, 'ok i hav now new challenge next time you find a note meant for someone else or a shopping list in your trolley you are to hold on to i tight ans report in' (the typos are all hers) and the idea somehow took off. Thirty-two pages and 886 messages later, it seemed everyone had suddenly taken up the latest 'craze'. You can read it yourself if you're at all inclined.

Whatever it is, she's looking good on it
So anyway, whats that got to do with Lulu? Good question! Well, today I went to the supermarket and found an abandoned shopping list in my trolley. Now, prior to reading that discussion, I probably would have popped it straight in the bin, but of course my curiosity was aroused and I unfolded the crumpled scrap of paper, hopeful that I might find something to make me smile. Lo and behold, the first item on the list was, 'Lulu Food'. Not long after, my fellow shopper had written, 'Lulu treats'. I was intrigued! Now, I know I was in Waitrose and so maybe my fellow shoppers there entertain the rich and famous once in a while, but it got me wondering... if I was buying treats for Lulu, what would she like or expect? She's been rich and famous for so long now that I daresay it's been a long time since a chocolate hobnob really did it for her. No, I bet Lulu craves your more sophisticated snack. I had a good look in the biscuits and sweets aisle but failed to find the answer to my question. I know she grew up in Glasgow, but even so, I can't see her enjoying a deep-fried Mars Bar, can you?

Admit it, you really want one now!

Now, blog-watchers, I wouldn't want to short-change you or fob you off with guesswork and supposition. That librarianship degree didn't all go to waste, you know! Accordingly, I have researched the topic. It turns out that Lulu has her own blog too and she's not entirely silent on the matter of what she likes to eat. Be honest: prior to reading this blog, you wonder how you filled the hours, don't you?

Lulu, as it turns out, likes to keep an eye on her cholesterol levels (so I was right on the deep-fried Mars Bars) and loves fresh herbs. She grows them herself, apparently, and is quite a keen cook. In her own words, or words similar to her own words because I’m willing to bet the real Lulu doesn’t actually talk like a sound-bite from Woman’s Weekly:
Friends who come to my house for lunch or dinner often ask me about the ingredients in my most simple dishes…To me there is nothing better than eating food that tastes great, and is also good for you! If you want to see for yourself if herbs can help you feel younger, try sprinkling some on to any dish like a bit of fairy dust and watch them work their magic!

So, there you have it: I was in the wrong aisle. For ‘treats for Lulu’ I should have been in the fresh herbs aisle or possibly the magical sparkly herbs aisle.  As it happens, I did buy a pot of parsley so she might want to pop round here after all. She’ll have to be quick though, or the guinea pigs will have eaten it all.

Small print: the second item on the abandoned shopping list was 'Puppy Food'. I think the Lulu of the list might be a pet of some sort, but I couldn't have got an entire blog entry out if that. As it is, I'm pushing it.


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